About Us


Welcome to Ribs!

We are a family run business based in Clynder, Scotland.

Fully trained and experienced staff from engineers to GRP technicians guaranteed to offer the best service.

Long experience in servicing & maintaining boats for private & commercial customers.

Approved Service Centre for Rigid Inflatable Boats: Avon, Quicksilver, Valiant.

What we Offer

  • Boat repairs, maintenance & servicing of all types of rigid inflatable boats and dinghy's
  • Boat building
  • Glass fibre repairs and laminating
  • GRP moulding and laminating
  • Fabrication or repair of trailers and boat cradles
  • Pressure testing of engines, fuel tanks etc
  • All areas of marine engineering, repair and service for yachts and small craft
  • Fully mobile service so we can come to you anywhere in the UK!
  • Safety & work boat hire
  • Cheverton Champ
  • Cheverton 24
  • Cheverton 620
  • Pryten ribs
  • Epoxy pipe wrapping



Boat Repairs

Ribs Marine Services LLP should be your first choice when seeking repairs for your boat in Roseneath, Scotland.

This family run business desires to offer the best and offering high quality service for boat repairs is no exception. Our staff is trained to handle any type of boat repair that needs to be made, and our staff guarantees that they only use quality tools and quality parts every time.



Boat Service and Maintanance

Boat Service and good maintanance is important for any boat owner to keep in mind when they buy their boat.

Maintenance is needed just as it is for their home or for their vehicle and it can be costly. Many who buy boats don’t consider the bigger picture and the cost of upkeep for their boat. Planning ahead of time is smart, and each person who buys a boat should make a budget to ensure that they can afford it.



Boat Building

Boat building can be a lot of fun for those who have boats now and for those who wish to learn.

Building a boat takes a lot of time and patience, and of course one must have the right materials. Boat plans are helpful, and work much like blueprints do when architects design buildings.  Ribs Marine offers the best in boat building services in Roseneath, Scotland.