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    Boat Service

Boat Maintanance and Servicing

The most basic boat maintenance can include keeping it clean by washing it on a regular basis. Routine cleaning keeps the boat in good shape and can keep it from growing mold and other unsightly organisms that attach themselves to the boat while in the water. Waxing the boat and using a special anti-chipping paint will protect the outside of the boat for years to come.

Cars have a regular service schedule that many drivers fail to keep up with, so keeping a list or schedule for your boat is just as important. Ensuring that maintenance gets done to the boat is important, and includes everything from checking the motor to making sure that boat is ready for the weather that the season will present.

Another way to look after and care for your boat is to make sure that it is properly docked when you are not using the boat. Make sure that the boat is secure, and don’t leave it in an area where it will be dinged and potentially damage the paint and structure of the boat. Boat maintenance is important and when following a consistent schedule it will keep everything intact.

Batteries have a specified amount of time according to how they are being used just as vehicles do, and the batteries used in boats are no different. We provide high quality boat batteries and we can inspect your boat battery for you to make sure it’s still in good shape with plenty of life left. Getting your battery checked is important so that you don’t get stranded while out on the water.

Boat Servicing is also important because regular maintenance will keep the boat running as it should. Get your boat inspected at Ribs Marine to ensure that your boat is still running smoothly tomorrow. Failing to get your boat inspected may cause an oversight of something critical, causing the boat to fail while in operation, and bringing about a more serious problem.

Motor maintenance is one of the most important points on boat maintenance to be sure that the boat runs properly. When a motor goes bad it can affect other parts that are connected to it. Flushing the engine after you take it out will keep it running smoothly and should be done after every trip.

Winterizing the boat, checking the pumps and electrical components are other areas of interest when it comes to maintaining your new boat. Be sure to buy a cover for it so that you can keep it clean and looking new for years to come.