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Boat Repairs

The history of service and expertise in boat repairs is unparalleled with Ribs Marine as we provide service for commercial and private boats.

In Gallery you can see pictures of the Rib hull repair, the Rib Hull underwork, the Rib Hull repaired, boat respray, and adding the finishing touches on that boat. There could be any number of repairs that might be needed for your boat and we handle them each with care.

When looking at the hull of the boat being repaired in the photo, notice the level of damage that this boat has experienced. The damage on a hull could range from splits and cracks to other types of damage. When splits and cracks occur these boats could begin to lose their paint as it begins to chip off. It is important that you hire someone that has experience to make these boat repairs.

Once a ship has been damaged at the hull it can be costly to repair, but those who love their boats and are true enthusiasts will want to ensure that they get only the best professionals that are trained and have expertise in these types of boat repairs. The right materials, time and labour are all going to factor into the price of getting your repairs made, but you want to make sure that the repairs are done correctly.

It is also important to remember that there are different types of boats, and the repairs will cost differently based upon what they are made out of. Some boats are wooden, fiberglass, and the two main types of coatings are epoxy and polyester. Each material is different and it’s important that the shop doing your repairs be familiar with the materials and how they are used.

When buying a boat, it is important that you budget for maintenance just as you would a vehicle. Boats are machines and sometimes they break. Boat repairs should be accounted for when you are planning to buy a boat. Monthly maintenance and major repairs are something that any boat owner should plan for just in case. This is the point of an emergency fund or savings account.

Knowing how to repair a boat is valuable knowledge, and you only want to learn from the best. If you can learn how to make these repairs on your own it can save you a lot of money over time. Keeping up routine maintenance on your boat will also prevent major issues from occurring and will give your boat a long life. Be sure to take of your boat and it will take care of you!